What To Expect

(All You Have To Do Is Follow A Plan)

  • Full Assessment, Write Up & Video Breakdown

    In-depth breakdown of your throwing mechanics to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses and deficiencies..

  • Full Movement Screen

    This helps us learn your unique anatomy and how you can move more efficiently to be the best version of yourself...

  • Advanced Warm-Up

    Combining your assessment, video breakdown and movement screen we create a unique warm up to prep your body to compete...

  • Individualized Throwing Progression

    Corrective throwing exercises and plyo drills to become more efficient and create feel for proper adjustments..

  • Individualized Strength & Conditioning

    Strength and corrective exercises to reinforce proper movement patterns so you can move at an elite level...

  • Arm Care & Recovery

    When you train hard, it is important to recover just as hard. Follow a detailed plan to be ready to compete every day...